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i Spicy is a cheap eat food gem hidden away from all the other prominent restaurants along Glenferrie Rd in Hawthorn. It is located in a small plaza where Woolworths and Woolworths Liquor are located.

I know there is an abundance of cheap eats along Glenferrie Rd, but i Spicy is highly highly recommended.

For only $10 you can get yourself a decent serving of a very tasty Thai dish with rice.

The crispy chicken with basil is a big favourite of mine. Picture below:

Crispy Chicken with Basil

On this occasion, I also ordered the minced chicken with eggplant. Picture below:

Minced Chicken with Eggplant

All dishes come with a spicy rating of no chilli, mild, medium and spicy. If you cannot handle your spicy foods, I would strongly recommend mild. Even as a chilli freak (the hotter the better, in my mind), I order my dishes at i spicy at a medium level because the chillies they throw into their dishes are insane.

However, I wouldn’t recommend no chilli at all, because then the dishes become a little on the bland tasteless side.

This simple restaurant doesn’t offer table service. Your meal is brought out to you when it is ready but you are expected to go up to the counter to order and prepay your meal and fetch your own water and cutlery.

Just a note, i Spicy do charge 10 or 20 cents per take away container if you require a doggie bag.

Delicious tasty meals at a very reasonable price.

Service 6/10

Food 10/10

Ambience 6/10

There is also an i spicy 2 in Richmond. The Richmond restaurant is a bit less casual, with table service but equally delicious.

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