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My mate Tim who is a fan of American diners took me to Soda Rock Diner which is situated at the busy intersection of Toorak Rd and Chapel St in South Yarra. When I say American diner, think  greasy, fried, generally unhealthy food.

It is certainly an unique atmosphere at Soda Rock Diner, jukeboxes at every table and on the bar, the waiters are dressed 60s uniform, pinball machine, Elvis pictures surrounded the diner and the chairs and tables give a very retro feel.

The menu consisted of burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. The Chilli burger caught my eye straight away, (actually anything chilli catches my eye), but it came with chilli con carne. I’m not a big fan of con carne (which is kind of like minced meat with beans), so I ordered the BLT combo with a strawberry shake. Tim ordered the Hound Dog, sort of like a hot dog with the lot. Pictures below:

BLT $8.45

Smiley Face Tomato Sauce!

Hound Dog $10.95

Strawberry and Blue Heaven Shakes

The BLT was nice but nothing special. I decided that Soda Rock was worth eating at for the novelty of its atmosphere and surroundings but I probably wouldn’t come back for the food. The shake however was delicious. One of the tastiest shakes I had ever drank, it was very thick with creamy ice cream. Yummy!

We went up to the counter to pay the bill. Since I started this food blog, I’ve been collecting receipts after meals to post here. On the bill I noticed they charged us for fries $5.50 instead of including it in the combo. I queried whether there was a price difference between having chips separate or part of a combo, assuming there would be there, the cashier stared at me blankly and nodded.

From there it got a little embarrassing and frustrating for me. First the cashier checked with the waiter that took our order that I had in fact ordered the combo, he confirmed that I did. Then she called somebody else (I assume her supervisor) to explain what had happened. I was then asked whether I would like the difference in price between the separate fries and the combo. I said yes, a little bemused the question needed to be asked. So I received $2.95 back from the cashier. I feel terrible having this minor rant, but with no apology for an error on my bill, a sour expression from the staff the whole time, left to feel embarrassed, I walked away from Soda Rock Diner with a not so great experience.

I want to go back for the awesome shakes, but hopefully I find somewhere else a little more comforting!

Service 9/10 – changed my mind to 3/10 after the overcharging, no apologies bill incident.

Food 7/10

Ambience 10/10