The Boathouse


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The Boathouse is famously owned by celebrity chef Gary Mehigan who is a judge on the famous MasterChef show. I was lucky enough to be taken here for a work lunch so I was quite excited to order as my heart or (tummy) contented.

I sort of expected a really fancy fine dining environment because of the whole celebrity chef factor, but it was actually quite modest. No table cloths, napkins on table and paper menus.

If you have been reading my previous posts, you would know I’m a huge fan of seafood, so for entree I ordered the scallops.


They were nice and tasty, I love it when there is heaps of flavour on them, however they didn’t quite satisfy me in that the scallops weren’t juicy and bursting with freshness.

Wood Fired Pizza Number 6, Calabrese salami, marinated capsicum, dried chilli & rocket

None of the main meals really appealed to me, so I ended up ordering a spicy pizza. If you have been reading my previous posts, you would also know I’m a chilli freak – the hotter, the better!

As you can see from the picture – I was quite confused! I was convinced I was eating a chicken pizza. When I queried with the waiter, what this pizza was, he asked me what I had ordered, I told him and then he agreed that this was in fact the salami pizza. Not one to complain, I ate the pizza in front of me very confused.

For dessert, it would be the crème brulee and an english breakfast tea. The crème brulee wasn’t warm as I had hoped, it was completely cold. Perhaps that’s the way some crème brulees are served?

Crème brulee

The wait service was nothing too memorable. In fact, the waiter looked quite annoyed with us when we changed our minds and wanted to move inside because it was quite cold and windy outside. The view of the river is quite pleasant though.

Overall, the Boathouse was enjoyable! Hey – it was a free 3 course lunch, I can’t complain. However, I probably won’t be back here on my own accord.

Service 7/10

Food 7/10

Ambience 9/10