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SPOILER ALERT! I go through every minute detail of the show and food.
DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW  if you are hoping for an element of surprise! This is a review of their show: A NIGHTMARE on WITCH STREET
Ultimately I do recommend this place!

Having been to Draculas I didn’t expect too much in terms of entertainment and quality food at Witches in Britches. However, it’s still something different, a novelty fun way to spend a night out. Plus – So Sharp (a groupon, coupon site) was offering discounted tickets $69 for 2 people. A bargain deal, compared to the usual full cost.

Sunday to Thursday: $69 per person
Friday & Saturday: $74 per person

The deal was meant to only be for bookings on non peak periods of Wednesday and Thursday night, but because the vouchers were so popular, they allowed people with the vouchers to book for any other night.

We went on a Friday night, but I noticed there were still a couple of full empty tables. The website said to arrive around 6.30 – 6.45pm, but really it was no dramas as the introduction (welcome address, announcing people’s birthdays and other celebrations) didn’t start until 8pm.

Our first course was The Grand High Witch’s home made soup, made with a selection of herbs from the old hags garden, served hot, straight out of the bubbling cauldron. (basically it was a vegie soup with some pasta). It was let’s say average. The wait staff brought out cauldrons and served the soup at the table which I thought was interesting and fun! However, by the time the soup arrived at our table, it was lukewarm.

Entree: Witches Curse

The official show kicked off at 9pm, there were 5 main performers, 3 girls and 2 guys. They performed some scenes sticking with the witch theme but mixing it with popular culture. They included Master Witch, Witch Brother and W Factor. All quite clever ideas mixed in with comedy and singing. FYI – this is not the place to take your conservative aunt. Be prepared for profanity and sexual jokes.

Mains included a choice of fish, chicken, steak or vegetarian.

Main - Spell of the Ocean

Main - Burnt at the Steak

The main were quite tasty and nice. The Porterhouse steak was tender and the fish was juicy! Yes – I tried both meals. From memory, better quality food than the Tram Restaurant which was meant to be 5 star quality food.

Dessert - Caramel Cackle

A short break was taken for the show while dessert was served. It was a home-made caramel cream, with caramel sauce. I’m not a big fan of custards and plain cream so I didn’t really enjoy dessert. I had about half of it because the caramel sauce was quite nice.

Overall Witches in Britches was fun and enjoyable! There was a clever mix of pop culture, original humour and some witty jokes. The singing was good, the food was decent and most of all the atmosphere was one of laughter, giggles and happy people.

I would recommend this place as a fun night out – but maybe hold out for the half price tickets on So Sharp…

Service 10/10

Food 8/10

Ambience ad  10/10

Entertainment 8/10