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In early March, my friends and I ended up at Riverland after a failed and late attempt to join in on the Melbourne Food and Wine festival at Federation Square and Southgate.

My friend Margaret and I both had a burrito at Salsa’s in the food court area of southgate after being starved for the last hour unable to find any remnants of the Food and Wine festival. So we weren’t particularly hungry but our bellies were still calling out to us. We both ordered a light salad each.

ROASTED MUSHROOM SALAD w polenta, beans, goats curd and roma tomatoes

Surprisingly, it was the tastiest salad I had ever had! (Minus the goats curd) I wasn’t a big fan of the taste. I have no idea how the salad was made, there was no evidence of a dressing but the mushrooms were bursting with flavour and all the vegies were tasty. I’m not usually a fan of vegetarian dishes so for this dish to this satisfying was a huge surprise.

There was also an open sausage sizzle area, where gourmet sausages were served. (This was in early March – still relatively warm) not sure if the sausage sizzle area is open all year round.

Overall, lovely food, satisfactory service and a fantastic atmosphere with a beautiful view of the river!

Service 8/10

Food 10/10

Ambience 10/10