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I started visiting Viet Star in early 2007 and it soon became my go to place for Pho (Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup). It was a nicer environment to eat than most of the pho places and it was also licenced, so I could enjoy a beer or two with my meal.

Viet Star shuts its doors for a couple of weeks every year in January to work on renovations so the place always looks nice, clean and is a comfortable place to dine at.

The one thing you must try at Viet Star is the prawn spring rolls. They are actually pure prawns as opposed to prawns mixed with pork and other random things.

Prawn Spring Rolls $8

On this occasion we also ordered the Satay Beef Skewers. Quite tasty but the beef wasn’t as tender as I had hoped.

Satay Beef on Skewers (3 per serve) $8

And then, my favourite, Special Beef Noodle Soup:

Rice Noodles Beef Soup with Special Beef Combination $9

What I like about the soup here at Viet Star compared to some of the more traditional pho places is that the beef and soup isn’t so strong smelling. I guess it’s more catered to the ‘Western’ palate.

Today, I had a craving for fried ice cream, so I ordered it. It wasn’t warm on the outside like I usually expect from fried ice cream and there were coconut shavings around the outside. It satisfied me, but I probably won’t be ordering it from Viet Star again. I think I am accustomed to the Chinese version of fried ice cream.

Fried Ice Cream

Overall, Viet Star is still as I remember.

I will have to admit, the prices at Viet Star have been steady going up from $7.50 lunch specials and pho to now $9. I guess inflation has a lot of do with this.

Wait staff are very alert, on the ball and overall helpful. However, don’t expect a friendly conversation or any smiles. However, I don’t mind for the quality and tasty food at a very reasonable price, I’ll keep coming back to Viet Star.

Service 8/10

Food 10/10

Ambience ad  10/10

P.S. Mekong have now set up shop around the corner this year where Hong Kong Seafood Hut used to be. Will be interesting to see if much business is lost to them.