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I had been to Chapelli’s before for a late night meal as Chapelli’s is uniquely opened 24/7. On these previous occasions food was good, I recall ordering a pasta, wedges and other small snacks.

Today, I was going simply for brunch, big breakfast and coffee was on my mind. Well actually freshly squeezed juice was on my mind, but Chapelli’s didn’t offer this.

Flat White

Coffee was disappointing. I would say, one of the worst coffees I’ve ever drank. I looked over to see whether a young inexperienced person was making the coffee, but it was an older bald gentleman. I mean, he still could of been inexperienced but given his age, I would of presumed he knew what he was doing. The milk was burnt and I would say the coffee beans were inferior and on the cheap side.

Big Breakie below:

Big Breakfast $19.90

Despite saying fried eggs, no changes on the menu, the waitress asked me how I wanted my eggs so I chose my favourite, poached.

The big breakfast turned out to be quite disappointing. It would probably have to be the most overpriced big breakfast I’ve ever had considering it only came with 2 eggs, 1 hash brown, bacon, sausage, 2 grilled tomatoes and bread. (I would of expected spinach and mushrooms). The poached eggs were practically hard boiled (I dislike hard boiled eggs, I always prefer runny), the hash brown was very doughy and disgusting (although my mate Tim said he liked his hash brown) and overall bland tasting.

I will probably never come here for breakfast again. Considering there a million beautiful brunch places in Melbourne and a zillion more cafes.

Wait service was generally agreeable and friendly. Although after we were seated, the waiter forgot to bring us menus, I had to ask for them when I realised we looked like people who were waiting for our meals.

I would of rated the service 7/10 but as you can see below, I changed it because when I got home and looked at the bill properly, I noticed that we were actually given the wrong bill which included an additional charge of hot chocolate and pineapple juice. In hindsight, we should of checked out bill before paying it, but I would still consider giving customers the wrong bill, poor service.

Service 5/10

Food 6/10

Ambience ad 9/10