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Now it feels a little strange writing a review for Lentil As Anything because this is a charitable restaurant concept where you pay as you feel. The philosophy is that just because you can’t afford to pay for quality food, doesn’t mean you should miss out. However, because they do pride themselves on quality food, I thought it was reasonable to write a review about them.

To my surprise, Urban Spoon have them listed and there are countless reviews and bloggers who have written about Lentil as Anything.

So the restaurant has a buffet type system, where you pick up a plate and choose from the assortment of foods at the food warmers. All the dishes are vegetarian.

There were about 7 or 8 different dishes to choose from including bread, salad, curry, pasta, rice a fried potato type dish and I’m sorry I can’t recall the rest.

Below is my meal:

Tomato soup and my plate of food

The tomato soup was pipping hot, delicious and tasty. My favorite would of been the curry which was rich in flavour as well as the fried potato. It was very spicy too!

I also ordered a flat white. It was lovely, 100 times better than the $4 coffee I got from Chapelli’s on Chapel St I ordered the day before.

The wait staff were the friendliest people I had ever encountered at restaurants. Big smiles, friendly and eager to assist.

Money Box

So once you have finished your meal, you can pay whatever you feel into the money box at the counter. They also accept card, so you don’t have to worry about bringing cash. I believed the meal was worth about $12-15, soup around $4 and coffee $3 – $4.

I think Lentil as Anything is a fanastic concept and I hope it stays alive. I recall a couple of years back watching a documentary about Lentil as Anything and they were suffering severe financial woes, unable to pay their suppliers. I hope things have gotten better.

I walked out of the restaurant with a fantastic feeling. I was full and satisfied, enjoyed friendly service and was appreciative that if one day I was down on my luck and short on money, a nice meal would be available to me here.

Service 10/10

Food 10/10

Ambience 10/10

There is also a Lentil as Anything in Collingwood and St Kilda.

Lentil As Anything on Urbanspoon

The Collingwood restaurant is located in the Abbotsford Convent and is much larger than footscray. I have been here a couple of times and it is fairly similar to my footscray review with a very good atmosphere and environment.  There is usually fresh nan bread made and nice desserts too.

I haven’t been to the St Kilda location. However I have a friend who had a not so positive experience here. Apparently she met with some unfriendly service for trying to order two meals. The waiter however apologised when my friend burst out crying because she was actually made redundant from her job that day, and obviously down in the dumps.

Lentil As Anything on Urbanspoon