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My friend Koun first brought me here in 2005 when the restaurant was half the size it is now and the lunchboxes were only $7.50.

Since then, Kim Chi Lunchbox has bought the site next door and expanded. The food has remained consistently tasty and continues to offer generous portions, but there have been price rises.

My usual favourites are:

Sides and Snacks:

2. Goon Man Doo (home-made pan-fried dumplings)

4. Chicken Wings (deep-fried chicken wings with spicy sauce)

You can tell that the dumplings are home-made and not frozen and they are divine. The chicken wings are amazing too and come with sweet chilli sauce.


51. Soon Doo Boo (spicy bean curd soup)

I’m actually not a big fan of bean curd, but in this spicy soup, it’s amazing. It’s very soft and melts in your mouth. The soup comes out piping hot and includes mussels and calamari. I will admit, years ago the seafood used to be much better – now the mussels and calamari come as tiny pieces. I would still recommend the Soon Doo Boo though.


They are all amazing. I usually order the spicy beef or chicken. They come with a generous serving of beef or chicken stir fry, rice, kim chi, bean shoots, Korean fishcake and a piece of fruit (usually orange and rockmelon or honeydew). I usually cannot finish the entire box and have enough leftovers for another meal.

On this occasion, I resisted the temptation to order my safe options and I had something different. Kim chi soup and an old Korean favourite, the bi bim bap. Pictures below:

49. Kim Chi Soup (Kim Chi and Pork Spicy Soup) $9.50

26 Bi Bim Bap (Beef BBQ)

Unfortunately the beef bi bim bap didn’t have a spicy option, but I mixed it with spicy sauce. I usually have an egg with my bi bim bap too. I was very satisfied. It was delicious.

The kim chi soup was very spicy. My only disappointment was that the mussels weren’t as the picture in the menu (big fresh mussels in their shells). Oh well.

Kim Chi Lunchbox will always be a favourite of mine for Korean. However Oriental Spoon in the city has just knocked it off the number one spot for me.

There is a very kind older gentleman (who I assume is the owner) who makes you feel welcome and is very appreciative of your patronage. I have seen less of him now that the restaurant has expanded, or he is more often seen in the back kitchen area. If he was still front of house, I would rate the service as 10 but now the casuals are a little more neutral. Still friendly and welcoming though.

Service: 9/10

Food: 10/10

Ambience: 10/10

P.S. The food comes out really fast. If the place isn’t busy I think I was served in 5 minutes! BAM, amazingly convenient if you’re in a rush!

P.P.S It’s cash only!

I love this place so much I took pictures of the entire menu for anyone interested! I know they haven’t invested in a website or anything so I’m just sharing the love!