Fish Pier Grill & Oyster Bar


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I thought I would be grabbing a quick cheap food court meal, but ended up eating at Fish Pier Grill & Oyster Bar which cost around 30 bucks for two people. Not your typical food court feed, but definitely worth it!

We ordered the seafood basket (I think it was called) and seafood spaghetti. The ingredients were really fresh, meals were generous portions, very tasty! The mornay oysters were delicious and even the salad and dressing was fantastic!

It was Friday night so it was quite busy, my only qualm was the unfriendly service. The staff were not very eager to help us with cutlery when the station had run out or wipe down our table which was sticky and gross from previous patrons.

Service: 4/10

Food: 10/10

Ambience:  NA (Well it was in a shopping centre, not much restaurant ambience, however surroundings are generally nice)