Sweet Basil


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Sweet Basil is a small modest little restaurant located on Commercial Rd but close to the busy Chapel St.

The restaurant is beautifully presented and although it didn’t have table cloths, when I first walked in, it gave a fancy impression.

We ordered two dishes to share, pad thai and massaman curry.

pad thai

I had never had pad thai served wrapped in an omelette, it was interesting and I quite enjoyed it.

Massaman Curry

I had been craving massaman curry ever since the Good Food and Wine Show¬†where either Sammy or Bella from My Kitchen Rules cooked it! So unless the curry had rocks in it, you couldn’t go wrong in satisfying my taste buds.

Overall I enjoyed the food. The restaurant was quite empty, there was only one other table being served. Perhaps being spoilt for choice on Chapel St, this place gets overlooked.

Service 8/10

Food 8/10

Ambience 8/10