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A friend recommended this brunch place to me, so I did the predictable thing and googled it for the address and menu. When I saw BAKED EGGS on the menu (which is my new favourite thing), I just had to go there. Oh, The Hardware Society doesn’t seem to have a website so I relied to fellow food blogger Memories Treasure Chest for the menu, thank you!

My lovely friend Ally was in Melbourne all the way from Mayalsia so we settled on this neat brunch place in town.

Table wait was expected, we got there around 11.30am on a Saturday and waited around 15 minutes for a table for 4.

I ordered the chorizo baked eggs!! But when the waiter told us they had a brioche special, I just had to have it too!! So Ally and I decided to go 50/50 in both dishes.

Brioche Special (I think it was $18)

The brioche was nice but probably dripping too much in the sweet tasting (sauce?) I don’t know what else to call it. It was probably a bit too sweet for me, I could feel my teeth rotting away! Otherwise nice!

Baked Eggs $16 chorizo sausage, romesco, roasted roma tomatoes

The baked eggs were divine! I loved the presentation too and the bread was nice and fresh!

I can’t remember what my friend Jian ordered but he emphasized that he was a big tough macho man that needed lots of meat in his meal! He gave me a piece of duck from his meal and it was very tasty! He obviously enjoyed it because he refused to give me any more!

I couldn’t resist having some of the sweets from the window:

Canele, Choc Brownie, Apple and Macadamia and Madeline

The sweets were nice but nothing mind blowing, almost tempted to say – don’t bother! but they weren’t bad or anything, just nothing special.

Service was generally nice and friendly! A bit on the overly friendly side, with ‘yes sweeetie’ etc.

Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Ambience: 8/10

Fun Fact: Why is my blog called conversation with Jenny when my name is Eve?

My friend Jian and I share a love of great food and eating out! We decided to start blogging about  our food adventures in Melbourne and beyond! Jian’s full name is Jian Yi which sounds like Jenny! We have teased him ever since!

Anyway – unfortunately, SOMEONE was too lazy to blog with me…. so now its turned into a personal project!