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While I was living in Hawthorn for a couple of years, I would of drove past Porgie + Mr Jones a zillion times but never visited. In fact, I wasn’t even sure what it was, you couldn’t tell definitely that it was a cafe/brunch place.

I later read up about this delightful little place in The Age Good Cafe Guide and decided to pay a visit.

There was no table wait, we walked in and got a table straight away. The place was 3/4 full at around 11am on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning.

My usual Flat White

Mum had an ice chocolate

Porgie + Mr Jones is currently serving the Winter 2012 menu, I did the indulgent thing and ordered from both the breakie and lunch menu. Dukkah eggs for breakie and soup for lunch.

Dukkah eggs $15.90 Poached on toasted grain bread w/spinach, roasted red pepper + tomato, hazelnut dukkah

The meal was beautifully presented but I was a little shocked to see that the dukkah wasn’t in a more purée, dip form. I suppose this is real dukkah and it was good to try it but I do remember enjoying the dukkah in a dip form better at Chiccos in Seddon. I finished the meal but don’t think I’ll order it again. It just wasn’t my thing.

Soup $12.90 Smoked pork hock, farro + vegetables w/ porcini pastry straw

The soup however, deeeeelicious!! It was so tasty and the ingredients so fresh and beautiful. The zucchini and carrot were cut in the shape of little pea size balls, which I thought was rather cute and interesting. The smoked pork hock was fabulous too.

The service was very friendly and delightful. We were sitting by the window and I actually almost knocked one of the beautiful waitresses out as I pulled out my elbow while grabbing the newspaper as she came up from behind with our meals. Luckily, she steadied the dish and still had a smile on face, which was nice of her.

Will definitely be back.

Service: 9/10

Food: 9/10

Ambience: 8/10