Footscray Milking Station


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Well so much hype about this place from other bloggers and restaurant/cafe reviews… I just had to see for myself!

My only hesitation was a long table wait which is common for a popular brunch place.

Saturday morning at around 10.30am, there weren’t any tables available but we were only left waiting for a couple of minutes before a table freed up.

I knew exactly what I wanted – baked eggs!! If you have been following my blog, you would know this is my new obsession!

The baked eggs came in a rather big and flat clay pot which I wasn’t used to. I’m not mentioning this because of a cosmetic reason but I found these baked eggs a little on the warm side, rather than piping hot. I would of preferred a smaller closed clay pot. Also, my bread wasn’t buttered for me, which was quite unusual compared to other places. (I sound like the biggest princess!!) Merely mentioning it because every other place I have been to butters your bread for you.

Baked eggs

My companion ordered the below:

Big Breakie?

He enjoyed his meal and gave me his hash brown, which I ate but prefer the unhealthy McDonalds type hash brown! I haven’t found a nice brunch place that serves them!!

Blood Orange & Grapefruit Juice

My meal was nice but I definitely would prefer the baked eggs at Common Galaxia or Hardware Society and coffee anywhere else.

In a word, it wasn’t that great! Highlight was the fresh juice! They were delicious!

Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Ambience: 8/10