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True to my word, I came back to the Station Hotel for the glorious steak! My last visit was a little mediocre and I put it down to the fact that I didn’t order steak.

This time we came early at 6pm, so getting a table wasn’t a problem.

I decided I wasn’t hungry enough to order any steak over 200g, so I settled for the first option on the steak menu.

200g John Dee, Warwick (QLD) 100 day grain fed Black Angus flat iron steak...$28

The steak was delicious! Juicy, tender and tasty, just the way steak should be! The hand cut chips were amazing as well. It had the perfect crisp on the outside but soft potato on the inside. It wasn’t oily or too salty either. I only had a mouthful of the salad but there was dressing and it was nice.

heirloom carrots $8

I was a little hesitant to pay $8 bucks for some carrot but it was worth it. They were tasty, juicy, soft but not mushy. A good side dish.

Hot Valrhona chocolate cake with berry compote and vanilla ice cream ... $14

When the waitress cleared our tables of our mains, she told us that the chef has started baking our cake. (baking it from scratch??) I was excited! When it came out I was so tempted to dig in but used all my will power to take this picture first!

It was delicious, melted in my mouth! Together with the icecream, it was a perfect combination. The hint of berry was very subtle in the cake. Writing about this, I just want to go there again!

The service was very professional and helpful but none of the wait staff cracked a smile…

Overall, amazing food and I’m so glad I came back!

Food: 10/10

Service: 8/10

Ambience: 8/10