A1 Lebanese Bakery


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I rarely get a chance to venture north but I did on this occasion to visit my friend who was setting up a market stall for her business.

We came across this bakery and decided to try it out. I’m a huge fan of baklava, I will buy it every time I get the chance! So before even ordering lunch I homed down two pieces of baklava and it was delicious!

I was a bit torn as to what to eat, so I ended up going for the house special. (A1 House Special)

It was divine! The fresh bread and yummy salami (sorry, I’m not sure if its actually called salami) combined with uncooked capsicum and tomato and unmelted cheese was a combination I have never tried before.

Highly recommended and very affordable!

I was shocked to later realise that there were already 8 blog posts about this place. Upon walking in, I thought it was a no name simple corner bakery! Looks like this place actually has quite a reputation!