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I have always wanted to try Teppanyaki! It seemed like such a cool thing to try, big set menus of foods, entertainment, games, what more could a girl want?

Now, this Teppanyaki idea was very last minute, trying to get a booking for 12 people on a Friday night in December, was clearly a BIG ask. However, Ginza kindly said they had availability to cater for us. I was knocked back by KoKo (they only had the 9pm sitting available), Teppanyaki Inn apologized and said they were fully booked tonight, Miyako Cuisine Japanese said they were fully booked too. I was a little anxious about Ginza because they offered such a last minute booking as well as the dozens of terrible reviews on Urban Spoon. Terrible service, chefs were inexperienced, didn’t look like they wanted to be there, food was tasteless, left feeling hungry etc.etc.

Anyway, we went! Ginza Teppanyaki is located in ChinaTown. Opposite the restaurant, there is a car park which charges a flat rate of $15.

Two of us arrived at the restaurant around 6.15pm, our booking was 6.30. We were asked to sit at a corner table for now and only when all the guests had arrived were we allowed to sit at the teppanyaki table.

The menu excited me! Lots of seafood! I got set menu 3 $60 which included salad, california roll, miso soup, prawn, scallop, chicken, steak, fried rice, vegetable teppanyaki and tea/coffee.

Soon after, everyone arrived so we ordered and were given bibs. They wrote our set menu option on our bibs so the chefs knew what to feed us. We had one girl in our group that was allergic to seafood, so they compensated by giving her more chicken. Her meal was also cooked separately in the back chicken so that there was no contamination.

N.B. Ginza only offers set menu options, no other side orders etc. offered.

We had one person who wasn’t eating and was told she could not sit with us at the teppanyaki table, that the minimum per seat was $45. I pleaded with the owner/manager that this person doesn’t eat restaurant food because of stomach problems so he kindly let her sit at our table.

So here was my meal -

Salad + Miso Soup

California Roll

The miso soup was nice, normal misco soup. The salad was really nice, it was wasbi infused.

Prawn + Fish

The piece of prawn and fish was nice, nothing special.


The steak was the most generous portions of any other course and quite nice, nothing mind blowing.


I think I was too eager to eat the scallops, so I forgot to take a picture. however, I did get one while the chef was cooking. I think I got 1-3 scallops and they were delicious! Can’t go wrong with scallops.

Vegetable Teppanyaki

Bean shoots were quite nice.

Fried Rice

Fried rice was too, and I finished it because I was still hungry. The only thing missing from my pictures is the chicken, I honestly can’t remember if I got it, or whether it was missed.

However, my friend next to me ordered Set Menu 2, which included a Yakitori (Chicken on skewer) which was nice according to her.

Yakitori (Chicken on skewer)

During our meal, the chef cooked up some egg and flicked it to everyone (that was willing) to catch it in their mouth. I finally managed to catch it in my mouth after 3 attempts. Contrary to what I thought, you actually have to move to catch it, it’s not a direct shot at your mouth from the chef. Hahaha.

He also introduced us to the bowl game where he would throw bowls at us while we catch then within the bowl we were holding. Not thrilling stuff, but a novelty nevertheless.

Once all the cooking were finished, we then moved back to the table in the corner which we sat at while we were waiting for everyone to arrive and some of order desserts.

banana fritter type dessert

Writing this now, I realised we forgot about tea/coffee that was part of our set menu. Make sure you claim this!

Overall it was an enjoyable experience! Couldn’t afford to do it every week, as it cost me around $100 all up with drinks etc.

Can’t say I highly recommend it, I did leave still hungry because the food portion sizes were rather small. However, you’re paying for the novelty and entertainment value rather than just the food.