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This place opened on the old site of Hong Kong Seafood Hut. Back in 2007, years ago Hong Kong Seafood Hut was the bomb! The most delicious Hong Kong cuisine in Melbourne or clearly within the top 5%. Then the place changed ownership and the restaurant went down hill. I remember ordering a hot and sour soup and it so salty as if they accidently poured half a cup of salt in it. I can’t remember our other dishes, but they were atrocious. I never went back again.

Then earlier this year, it changed to Mekong, a Vietnamese restaurant specialising in Pho.  Apparently there was FREE pho with soft drink on its first day of opening which attracted long times and lot of attention.

I was a little skeptical of its success because Viet Star just around the corner is hugely popular for Vietnamese food and there are a number of Asian restaurant that are cheap and nice nearby.

So I decided to check Mekong out.

Prawn Rice Paper Rolls

The prawn rice paper rolls were nice, tasted fresh and well made.

For some reason, I got the chicken soup instead my usual beef.

I didn’t like it, it had a funny smell and I didn’t enjoy it.

Chicken Special Noodle Soup

I did however return to try the beef noodle soup and it was delicious.

Beef noodle soup

Unfortunately, as I looked around, the restaurant was DEAD. The grand opening of free pho and drink didn’t really do much to keep the customers coming.

Perhaps a menu limited to just Pho wasn’t the right fit for the area of Hawthorn. I know a lot of my Western friends would prefer some Vietnamese stir fry dishes, rice dishes etc. rather than just Pho alone. That’s why Viet Star around the corner is still busy.

Food: 9/10

Service: 7/10

Ambience: 8/10