ajitoya on Urbanspoon

Ajitoya is listed on UrbanSpoon as a brunch place, so I thought it was some sort of Western inspired Japanese breakfast food.

However,  upon looking at the menu, its pretty much all Japanese food. Oh well. Ajitoya is very cute little place.

When we arrived I spied the meals on the table next to us, looked amazing!

My new craze at the moment is Blood Orange juice. My friend Eva, loves Ginger Beer. I’m also a big fan of the Phoenix range which is pretty much available at all nice brunch/cafes.

The menu was so cute, there were little cartoon pics of what the different types of meals would look like. Share things, Noodles, Meal Set and Donburi.

It was a difficult decision to order, I wanted to try the tempura set and sashimi set as well as the udon.

We ended up going for Gyoza (prawn) as entree to share and I ordered the tempura set with chicken salad.

5pc Japanese dumplings with prawn & vegies filling, sauced, sprinkled $9

Tempura Set - crispy tempura prawn, white fish & vegies $19

All delicious! I cleaned the bowls out. Funny thing is, I don’t actually really like deep fried foods, so it was odd I ordered this dish.

I was most impressed with the miso soup, it had real vegies, this was not some pre-made packaged stuff usually served at restaurants.

And here is Eva’s meal below: (I’m pretty sure she ordered the tofu noodles) She was meant to save me some to try, but she finished it all before I had a chance. She enjoyed her meal.

We ended our meal with coffees, which was a perfect ending. We both left perfectly satisfied and took home some take away sushi.

The dishes weren’t cheap but I did thoroughly enjoy myself and tummy was pretty pleased too. Service was very friendly and professional.

Food: 10/10

Service: 9/10

Ambience: 9/10