West 48


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It’s hard to believe after moving to Footscray in February this year, I still have so many brunch places I have yet to visit.

West 48 is a mixed bag, good and bad reviews on Urban Spoon make it interesting.

We got there pretty early on a Sunday morning, around 9am, so tables were plenty. It’s a small little place, seats by the window, one big communal high table and about 4 more tables inside with another 3 outside.

The menu was short, just one page with not many drink options. However, there were more drink options in the fridge that weren’t listed.

We started with coffee and it was delightful. Very yummy coffee.

I decided to order the special #2 which was Corn Fritter with Spicy Avocado Salsa. The waitress had me at Spicy! Even though I wasn’t a fan of corn (AT ALL), spicy overrode it. I added prosciutto for $2.50 because I’m a huge carnivore!!

Corn Fritters + prosciutto $17.50

My meal looked good! I was a little disappointed the prosciutto wasn’t crispy. What struck me about this meal was that it was quite a small portion, maybe it was an illusion because the plate was small. Anyway, overall, I didn’t really enjoy my meal. Perhaps because I wasn’t a big fan of corn and the main meal was (corn fritters). The salsa was spicy but nothing special and again, the prosciutto was not cooked.

Andrew ordered the below meal:

free range egg & pecorino roll with spinach and garlic aioli $9

He was largely unsatisfied and said he still felt hungry afterwards. He likened it to a 4.50 egg roll you would get anywhere. He was also largely disappointed with his Blood Orange drink which he said taste like Fanta.

I got a fresh apple juice which I was very happy with.

The service was very good, friendly, helpful. The barista was very attention and greeted me as I was looking at the cake display.

So my verdict was that the coffee was good and I would come back for coffee but probably not breakie/brunch. Just not enough options to appeal to my appetite.

Food: 6/10

Service: 9/10

Ambience: 9/10