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I was a little sceptical about this restaurant with its 9 votes and 100% likes on Urban Spoon. We speculated that the restaurant had 9 staff members and they all voted … haha.

Walking in, it seems like more of a take away joint that a restaurant. Perhaps the appearance of the take away stand (food warmer) gave me that impression. Nevertheless we were greeted warmly by the waiter who had put a reserved sign on our table.

One of the chef’s specials that caught my eye was the Shank Masala (Nehari) which was Lamb shanks cooked overnight in a traditional Hyderabadi style curry which was available only Friday, Sat, Sunday, it was  SUNDAY, I was in luck! To my disappointment however, they had sold out! I made a mental note to come back on a Friday one night to try it.

Instead we ordered the most popular Indian dishes including butter chicken, lamb rogan josh and a recommendation from the waiter the chicken khorma.  Eva was keen on getting the Biryani  so we ordered a vegetarian version of this as well. I also insisted on ordering the Gobi which is a cauliflower entree dish.

Gobi 65 $8.95 A vegetarian version of Chicken 65 where cauliflower is used instead of chicken.

I was a little surprised to see it in batter. I’m just comparing it to Crown of India, my favourite Indian restaurant in Melbourne. I didn’t enjoy this dish much but everyone else was quite pleased with it.

Chicken Khorma $9.90 Boneless chicken cooked in rich creamy cashew & poppy seeds gravy flavoured with spices and garnished with herbs. A speciality of Hyderabadi cuisine.

Lamb Rogan josh $9.90 Is an aromatic lamb dish of Persian origin which was brought to India by the Mughals, Its lamb cooked in oil with onions, yoghurt and spices in intense heat.

Butter Chicken $9.90 Tender pieces of Chicken cooked in a creamy butter sauce with tomatoes, onion and a blend of herbs and spices

Veg Biryani $9.90

The biryani didn’t impress me much. To me it just tasted like normal rice with some vegies in it. And to pay $9.90 for it compared to normal rice for $3.50 seems a little steep. The process of cooking biryani is meant to be very complicated and time consuming so I’m not sure if Nizams have taken a shortcut or whether this dish would be more tasty if it had meat in it. Either way, I’m tempted to try biryani with lamb or chicken one day but wouldn’t order the vegetarian version again.

My favourite and I think this was everyone else’s favourite was the Chicken Khorma dish, everyone kept peering over to this dish to see if there was any left. The butter chicken and lamb rogan josh tasted plain and not very special. I was also surprised to see how drowned in sauce the dishes were, but upon reflection, that’s just the way Indian dishes are.

The staff were very friendly and helpful. I would come here again if I have an Indian food urge but wouldn’t go out of way to recommend or eat here. (sorry!)

Service 8/10

Food 7/10

Ambience 7/10