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Since booking Hu Tong Dumpling bar earlier today, I had been craving dumplings all day!! I Googled noddle places in Footscray and started heading towards Dumplings & Moore 96 Hopkins Street Footscray, However at 8.30pm, the restaurant was empty and my friends weren’t very keen on eating there.

We ventured accross the road to Sekai Japanese Ramen where they served pizza size servings of gyoza, so I agreed. This place kind of connects with the Footscray market. I love the fact that it has an open kitchen, they also make me feel for comfortable about the hygiene of the food.

Pizza gyoza - around 15 bucks

Yummy, delicious!!

bok choy


The bok choy and squid were delicious too.

Some other friends ordered the spring rolls and miso soup, they said they enjoyed their food.

Spring Rolls

Miso Soup

My only complaint about this place was how we were kind of forced out before we finished our food.

I understand they close at 9pm, however if they seat us at 8.40pm, then they should be prepared to stay back while we finish our meals. Otherwise, only offer take away or don’t serve us at all. Towards 9pm, they began turning off different sections of the lights leaving us in the dark, standing near our table and staring at us as well as giving us the bill before we asked for it. I ended up feeling so bad that I left prematurely without finishing all my food.

One of my pet hates is wasting food and being rushed while eating. Oh well…. this experience kind of put me off coming back.

Otherwise, the food was quite nice and the staff were friendly, although a little clueless. (For example giving me chill oil when I asked for oyster sauce, then bickering about me in Chinese while I sent the chill oil back requesting o-y-s-t-e-r sauce)

Food: 8/10

Service: 6/10

Ambience: 6/10