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I know Alumbra is a nightclub, but I decided I’m writing about any place that serves food. So there.

I’ve been to Alumbra a handful of times, a couple of Christmas parties a few years back.

Anyway, I knew exactly what I wanted, BBQ. (by the way, I love open kitchens)

What’s best about this meal is that I got to enjoy a variety of lamb, beef and chicken!! Saves me having to make the hard decision of choosing because usually I want EVERYTHING. Anyway it was delicious, the potatos had honey seeded mustard on it, which is my secret garnish for my scallop potatoes.

My friend Eva is sticking to her pescetarian diet and ordered fish and chips. Fairly standard.

Alumbra is very beautiful, below some club shots:

When we arrived (around 6pm) the place was pretty half empty. However as the night went on, the place started to fill up with an attractive well dressed crowd. I began to feel a little awkward in my jeans and jumper. (I had just finished playing soccer).

I went outside to meet my friend who was refused entry (he was wearing thongs, fair enough). When I went back inside to get my bag, the bouncer stopped me and didn’t remember me walking out. “If you were already inside, you must of left by magic’ he said condescendingly. Luckily the guy taking people’s pictures remembered me and vouched for me. I would think as a bouncer you would have a little more awareness! Considering I walked out merely 30 cms away from the two bouncers less than a minute ago and neither of them could remember me. (I’m pretty sure the fact that I wasn’t wearing a skimpy dress was the real problem).

Anyhow, the food was great! However, beware of the entry fee after 7pm and the somewhat disagreeable bouncers out the front.