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I have been frequenting Omah’s for the past year or so, but always ordered the chilli mud crab instead of being adventitious and trying the other crab flavours.

Monday Mud Crab Night which was basically half price crab night gave me the chance to try a number of new mud crab flavours!

Tonight was a 3 course Malaysian fest, entree – crab omelette , main – mud crab (of course) and dessert was penang sago for $39.50. Considering one mud crab alone was usually $49.90, this was a bargain!

I was a little skeptical about the crab omelette, thought it would taste basically like egg with minimal crab. However I shocked to discover that it actually had real crab meat inside was was very nice. The sauce wasn’t too spicy and was perfect flavouring for the omelette.

crab omelette

Here’s our crab that we all shared:

Chilli Crab, Wok fried in our house semi thick, sweet and savoury tomato and chilli based sauce

Butter Crab, Malaysian style creamy butter mud crab, infused with the distinct and exotic flavours of curry leaves

Black Pepper Crab Seasoned and wok fried in fragrant curry leaves. It is then spiced up with cracked black pepper.

Five Spices Salt & Pepper Crab Wok fried with in salt and pepper. The dish is finished off with five-spice powder and a dash of Chinese wine.

Salted Egg Crab - Wok fried in Straits Peranakan salted egg style. The creamy salted egg yolks combined with various condiments give this dish a savoury, yet subtle flight flavours.

The crab was scrumptious!! It certainly broadened my taste horizons. My favourite after the Chilli flavour was the salted egg crab and butter crab. The ones with batter were goooood! Which surprised me as I didn’t think adding batter to the shell would make for very tasty eating, however the flavour must of run down into the crab meat.

My least favourite was the black pepper, not saying it wasn’t good, it was just not a flavour I would pick given the other options.

The usually hard mud crab shell was surprisingly soft and you could easily break the shell with your fingers. I didn’t touch the crab clamp crackers once. Although the chefs did a good job of cracking most of the mud crab so it was easily edible.

Penang Sago

The dessert looked very pretty. A piece of mint to garnish and it was made to look like an apple. I was again skeptical of the dessert because I’m not usually a fan of milky, coconuty type sweet things. However I did warm to it when trying it. There was a caramel type sauce at the bottom and it mixed well with the coconut juice and rice sago.

I though the service was pretty good. It’s hard work clearing bowls of crab shell so there was still room to eat. The waiters did a good job on keeping an eye out on our table. Our Dutch friend later revealed he had left a 10% tip of $30. I suppose there were 6 of us eating, but I think that’s a very generous tip.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy mud crab and don’t mind the effort to peel it.

Food: 10/10

Service: 9/10

Ambience: 9/10