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Waterfront is one of those restaurants you think can’t fail, purely because of the location. Right along southbank with beautiful views of the river. It probably draws in a lot of the Art center, Recital center crowd. Come Australian Open time, many tennis players dine here. How do I know this? Well, Waterfront used to be two separate restaurants called E gusto and a French restaurant which unfortunately I can’t remember the name. Anyway I used to work at E Gusto and witnessed the 3 table sittings a night and the restaurant takings of 30k in one night on a busy night like New Year’s Eve. Craaazy!

Anyway back to Waterfront, we stopped by southbank for dinner after a show a the recital centre for Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Tribute Concert. Which was amazing by the way.

Waterfront seem to give off a seafood vibe. There were displays of seafood and oysters by the bar and there were menu categories like oyster bar, sushi sashimi, seafood platter, whole fish and ocean. However, there was steak on the menu which is handy as I know a lot of people that don’t eat seafood.

So roughly 8.30pm on a Friday night in January, we were told there would be a small table wait. We were seated at the bar but pooof before we could get comfy, a table was ready.

I straight away wanted a seafood platter or seafood paella for 2, something extravagant but I had no takers to share it with me. It was on the expensive side though. The Chilled Platter was $130 and Grilled Seafood Platter was $185. Well, perhaps another day.

We decided to share entrees, here they are:

Chilled whole king prawns, avocado salsa, capsicum coulis, $22

Szechuan spiced Calamari, lime, coriander, chilli mayonnaise, 21/28

Curried Scallops $22

All three entrees were delicious! I was very pleased with my choices and happy my mates let me choose, haha. My favourite would be the curried scallops but I did love the avocado salsa in the prawn dish.

For mains, I was tossing between the chargrilled whole fish or the steamed barramundi. I finally decided to take the heathier option of steamed… and here’s my dish.

Steamed Barramundi fillet, Asian master broth, shiitake mushrooms, bok choy $33

Now at the time, I just took a picture of my meal and started to chow down at my fish. But looking at the above picture, the plate looks very messy and not very presentable for a fine dining establishment. Will never know whether the chef sent the meal out like this or whether the waiter let the sauce wobble around.

Anyway… I enjoyed the meal overall. Would of hoped for a few more pieces of mushroom (I found two slices) but I know shiitake can be expensive. And didn’t really think the very generous portions of ginger was appropriate but perhaps it was for garnishing/presentation purposes. The broth was nothing special, tasted like a bit of soy sauce mixed with some other dressing. So I was a little disappointed in my meal, but the barramundi was fresh, soft and melted in my mouth and that made me satisfied.

My friend’s orders below:

Char grilled snapper $38

Moroccan spiced snapper fillet, saffron cous cous, broccollini, mint yoghurt $36

Everyone enjoyed their meals, so it was smiles all round.

Chocolate fondant $15.50

To top it off, we ordered the very scrumptious Chocolate Fondant and it was 5 stars!!

We had some friendly interactions with the waiter, service was agreeable. There was a bit of wait to get their attention at times, but 100% understandable it was due to busyness.

Food: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Ambience: 9/10