Tan Truc Giang


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I have been walking past Tan Truc Giang for the past year and strangely enough never gone in. I generally get turned off my food on bain-maries, however the food at Tan Truc Giang did always look so authentic and nice.

This is the sight I would always walk past:

Especially mouth watering is the Chinese tea eggs that my grandmother used to make for me as a snack. Mmmm

Anyway, I ended up ordering:

I’m sorry, there was a bit of a language barrier so I can’t tell you the type of fish or vegies…

So I believe its $10 per box of food, but the gentleman kindly let me select two types of fish so he split it into two containers. Then the rice and vegie dish was $5.

The crispy fish didn’t have any bone, so it was easy to eat. The other fish in the soy/spring onion sauce had little tiny tiny bones so it was extra difficult to eat. However both fish were delicious.

The vegie was soft and chewy, I kind of expected it to be a bamboo like texture but it wasn’t. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I enjoyed the flavour.

Overall two thumbs up!! I’ll definitely poke my head in again. :)