Caffé Sienna


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What drew me into this place on a HOT 30 something degree day was the water sprinklers they had going around the joint!! Very refreshing!!

So I was warmly greeted at the door and grabbed a table outside.

I decided to trust a fellow reviewer with the recommendation of prawn linguine being amazing! ( The only pasta I could find with prawns was the Speghetti Gameri) Close enough. (Later I realised the review was from 2010…)

Spaghetti Gamberi Sauteed prawns with garlic, chilli, baby spinach leaves, white wine and napoli sauce $27.9

The dish was pretty nice, prawns were nice and the sauce was tasty. I wouldn’t say it was bursting with flavour as the reviewer had said, which may have heightened my expectations a little…

My friend Adrian ordered the Eye Fillet, which I considered ordering as well

Eye Fillet 300grm fillet of beef chargrilled with onion & mushroom ragout & fries $36.90

He said it was good. I had a bit of a taste of the sauce and mushroom and it was quite nice.

Overall, on the pricey side (It’s Chapel St though, what should I have expected??) However quite agreeable for a satisfying feed.

Food: 8/10

Service 9/10

Ambience 10/10