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Tasty – T is on the old site of China T. It’s the same owner but different chef, thus the cuisine change. I spoke to the delightful host Eve and she said unfortunately the Chinese host left and now she has a Thai chef working cooking authentic Thai food. A colleague forwarded a lunch promotion to me, Four Courses $9.90 or Five Courses $11.90, See below:

Honestly I was a little skeptical of this bargain promotion but decided to try it out anyway. As I walked in I thought WOW, this place is fancy! Wine glasses on the tables, comfortable chairs and general immaculate presentation.

You had a choice of 6 different mains:

  1. Green curry chicken with rice
  2. Pad Thai chicken
  3. Stir fry cashew chicken or beef with rice
  4. Pad see ew stir fried beef with flat rice noodles
  5. Basil chilli chicken or beef with rice
  6. Massaman curry with rice

I decided to go with Basil chilli chicken ( I was secretly hoping it was crispy chicken like iSpicy) but it wasn’t.

Course 1 - Soup & Course 2 - Spring roll and fish cake

Course 3 - Basil chilli chicken with rice

Course 4 - lovely thai drink

Course 5 - sago dessert

There was 8 of us dining today, so you would think there would be a bit of a wait for food but NO. Food was so quick to arrive at our table, two by two after each course. It was one of the most efficient restaurants I’ve ever seen. (Although, we were the only table dining at there)

The food was amazingly tasty, fresh, authentic and well portioned. Eve was an amazing waitresses and host to us. She remembered all our orders without writing it down (that’s so skillful) and put up with some of my fickle colleagues changing their mind about courses 2, 3 times. Haha.

Here are some other mains my colleagues ordered:

Green Curry

Massaman curry with rice

Two thumbs up!! Get it quick for this lunch promotion, once they get enough buzz, they might stop it! (Oh No)

Food: 10/10

Service 10/10

Ambience 10/10